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What do you like best about Tidal Automation?

Tidal is easy to use. It is feature-rich and helps you build loosely coupled architecture in automated processes. It's hierarchical design makes complex batch structures easy to manage.

What problems is Tidal Automation solving and how is that benefiting you?

I have created automation and processes replacing many manual human tasks. We have realized better compliance. We have seen increases in team efficiency. We have also significantly reduced human error in many functions.

Asa B.

Manager Infrastructure Operations

Enterprise (>1000emp.)

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Tidal Software By The Numbers

Industry Recognized CustomerFIRST Workload Automation Leader

Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We want to ensure you’re getting the most from your automation investment, so our Customer Success team is here to partner with you.

Ease of Doing Business With

Exceptional Support: Customers get direct access to expert Level 2 support engineers for production issues 24/7/365 – and you’ll be impressed by our guaranteed 1-hour response times.

Environment-Specific Support: Development and QA environments have different support requirements than Production, so we've configured our support plans accordingly.

Active User Community: Get engaged and build your expertise with regularly scheduled user group meetings, information webinars and more in our Support Portal.

G2 Ranking: Ease of Doing Business With

We are redefining what’s possible through automation. Our expert, experienced R&D teams continually deliver new integrations and features, so our customers can innovate, be more agile, and focus on high-value initiatives.

Workload Processing

Ongoing Product Development: When other providers can go years between significant releases, we issue new releases four times a year that are packed with new features and capabilities.

Product Innovation: We maintain an innovative, forward-looking roadmap that is developed based on input from our customers and Advisory Board.

Flexible Pricing: Our easy-to-understand pricing models offer flexibility and clear, forecastable costs for Tidal software, integrations and support – so there’s no surprises at renewal time!

G2 Ranking: Workload Processing


Proven Success

We have proven success with replacing competitive products in customer environments

How Tidal Software Works

What Our Customers Say

The event-driven jobs are core for us. We really need Tidal with its ability to run thousands of jobs per day

None of the other schedulers could be doing what we're doing with Tidal in our MRP process. I don't know if i can put a value on that

Dror Ezion - Sr. Platform Engineer, Adobe

Jon Fredrickson - JDE Manager, Oshkosh

For us, it's a mission-critical app. It's an essential tool for us to manage SAP jobs

The ability to see everything across the scheduling universe was a huge improvement

Giovanni Rondinelli - Team Lead, Pratt & Whitney

Bill Heliman - Tidal Administrator, Hasbro

Recognized Industry Leader

Biggest Mover

Seamless, Industry-Tested Migrations


We Start With Your Existing Processes

First we'll migrate your currently automated processes into Tidal using similar features.

Build Confidence With Phased Migrations

Moving everything all at once introduces unnecessary risks. We move jobs into Production as groups of applications or related processes.

Build Product Expertise With Training Resources

Our training starts with the features you'll need first as you migrate processes over. Then we show you how to use Tidal to streamline, optimize and expand your automation.

Ensure Success With Our Program Management Team

We provide a dedicated program manager to supplement your PMO resources to answer questions, provide support and resources and ensure the project is successful.

Your Success Is Our First Priority

Our team works closely with you through the entire process, ensuring that your feedback is always heard and your goals are being met.







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Tidal Pricing

Flexible pricing: Designed for your organization’s needs

Connect across your enterprise: 60+ pre-built integrations connect all layers of the enterprise

Robust automation features: From time- and event-based scheduling to proactive monitoring, alerts and recovery, confidently achieve your organizational goals

Feature-Rich Workload Automation Platform

Time-Based Scheduling & Calendars

Use pre-built calendars or create your own. Easily manage scheduling complexities, including time zones, Daylight Saving Time, and holidays. 

Event-Based Scheduling

Adapt to the changing needs of your organization with the ability to use a range of triggers. When events occur, you can trigger a job, send a notification and more.

Monitoring, Alerts & Recovery

Monitor your scheduling activities and address issues faster. Send alerts to browser-enabled devices or get alerted through our ITSM integrations.

Integrated Resource Management

Improve efficiency by planning downtime windows and dynamically starting and stopping resources. Built-in load balancing optimizes your environment.

Dashboards & Reporting

Build views to monitor scheduling or use our out-of-the-box reporting. Configurable dashboards can be customized for business and IT users.

SLA Management & Critical Path Tracking

Define SLA policies for critical jobs right in the platform. Automated monitoring lets you know if SLAs are missed so you can take immediate action.

Developer-Friendly Automation

Integrate Tidal with a full API and CLI along with adapters for SSH and Web Services. Keep schedule changes in sync through the DevOps lifecycle.

Security & Control

Set security policies and controls tied to your enterprise tools and processes. Apply role-based access controls to limit what users can view and change.

Mobile Application

Gain on-the-go access to your job executions, including schedules, queues and logs. Override jobs, hold and stop or release and resume jobs when you need to.

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